Java Chickens

Java1We raise Java chickens, both black and mottled.  We offer hatching eggs, chicks and adult chickens when available.

The Java is considered a dual purpose bird, good for both meat and egg production.  The males can reach 9.5 pounds and the females 7.5 pounds.  Javas can appear in four color variations: black, mottled, white and auburn.  The black java  is known for the beautiful beetle green sheen that shines off the black plumage in the light.

I chose to raise the Java chickens for several reasons. For one it is considered to be the second oldest breed of chickens developed in America. The second reason is that it is an ideal homestead bird.  It is very hardy, an excellent forager (this traJava2nslates to less supplemental grain),  can raise its young and produces eggs and meat.   And the final reason was to help in the recovering efforts to increase the numbers of Javas in the USA.  According to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, the Java is listed as threatened( fewer than 1000 breeding birds in the US, with seven or fewer primary breeding flocks, and estimated global population less than 5000).

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